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Cost of LASIK Surgery

Dr. Salisbury strives to ensure that LASIK eye surgery is not cost-prohibitive for those who want to have a clear and unencumbered view of the world. His prices are competitive in our area and affordable financing options are available. Over time, LASIK can be more cost-effective than glasses and/or contact lenses. 

Financing Your LASIK Surgery

Unfortunately, insurance plans do not typically cover the cost of LASIK surgery. In reality, most insurance plans do not cover the total cost for glasses and/or contacts either. To make LASIK more affordable and available to our patients, we offer several avenues for financing:

  • Alpheon
  • CareCredit
  • HSA and FSA accounts.

To learn more about our financing options, please schedule a full consultation with Dr. Salisbury.

LASIK Surgery

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