Top Activities YOU Can Enjoy Better Post-LASIK!

Have you been considering LASIK but are unsure whether it’s worth it for you? Are you wondering what the practical benefits of this surgery are? Well, don’t just listen to us tell you about all the benefits you can experience post-LASIK, learn what Sally, a real LASIK patient, said about what the surgery has done for her.

Sally had her LASIK surgery on November 22, 2022. Since then, she has been able to live her life to the fullest. Here are some of the main activities Sally said she was able to do better after LASIK.


Before LASIK, Sally struggled with getting the most out of her vacations. She wanted to put her mind at ease, but found herself constantly stressing about making sure she had backup pairs of prescription contacts and glasses.

“I had terrible vision. I think my contact prescription was -8,-8.5, so it was not great,” Sally said. “I struggled with a lot, mainly just not feeling comfortable traveling without having a lot of contact backups.”

Now, after her surgery, Sally has been able to let herself relax while traveling without having to think twice about her vision.

“I traveled recently and I didn’t have to worry about taking three extra pairs of spare contacts, my glasses, anything like that,” she said. “It’s just really comfortable.”


Another aspect of daily life that Sally struggled with pre-LASIK was driving. She always had to ensure that she had her glasses or contacts with her because without them she wouldn’t be safe behind the wheel.

“…making sure I always had my glasses on me because I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere and I couldn’t see,” she said. “Because it really wasn’t even safe for me to get in the car and attempt to drive.”

After LASIK, Sally can now set her worries aside and be a safe driver with her 20/20 vision.

“I can wake up in the morning, drive, really go about [my] daily life without having to rely on some type of vision aid. And that’s huge for me.”


Another activity that has improved for Sally after her surgery is sleep. She found that being able to fall asleep without worrying about whether she left her contacts in or where she had to put her glasses was a huge stress reliever.

“One thing is sleep. I can fall asleep without taking my glasses off, taking my contacts out,” she said. “I know that sounds kinda silly to people who don’t wear glasses but it is really a big deal.”

Peripheral vision:

Sally also found the surgery immensely helpful in improving her peripheral vision.

“When you have bad vision, like I did, when you wear your glasses…your peripheral vision is terrible!” she said. “So even when you had your glasses on, you could see in front of you but don’t think about looking side to side or up or down because you weren’t gonna get the same results.”

Underwater vision

Sally is looking forward to swimming now that her contacts aren’t a concern. She’s also looking forward to other underwater activities such as tubing now that her underwater vision isn’t limited by her prescription.

“I haven’t swam yet but I’m really excited to have that experience in the summer where I’m not worried about getting splashed with water or dunked or anything like that and my contacts coming out,” she said. “The biggest thing is tubing. I went tubing last summer and really hadn’t thought about it before but the whole time the water was spraying you. I [was] like ‘please don’t let my contacts come out, please don’t let my contacts come out’ [so] you shut your eyes, and you’re kind of missing some of the experience.”

Next steps:

If you’re thinking that LASIK sounds right for you, look into a qualified ophthalmologist in your local area. Dr. Drew Salisbury, at Salisbury Vision, has years of experience performing LASIK and helping his patients enjoy life with clear vision. He offers multiple affordability options for financing the procedure, so that YOU can keep your world in focus.

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